You're reading this because you're an aviation enthusiast. Looking skyward as the departing airliner passes overhead. Imagining yourself soaring through canyons, clouds, and the world's busiest airways. Always booking the window seat. Turning realism settings all the way up. Taking the controls in your hands as you blast skyward.
So many of us experienced the inside of a cockpit for the first time presented through glowing pixels and above a keyboard and mouse. In the early day, it was floppy disks and EGA graphics. Now, the latest of X-Plane, MSFS, or your favorite combat sim on PC or the console yield graphics and scenarios we would never have imagined only a few years ago. Technology has put the experience of flight — first-person, you're-in-control flight — in the hands of anyone who can step up to the screen and press Start, opening a world of imagination.
Imagination doesn't stop there. We believe that the pursuit of aviation is a journey, and that many of us are destined to take steps onto the flight line and into an airplane made of aluminum and rivets, where we'll take command and fly ourselves and our friends into the skies.
Sim to Sky is here to help. We know there are those in the simulation community who are ready to take the next step, and we're here to make it happen.
We have four pillars in helping sim pilots achieve the next step in their aviation journeys:
  1. Skill-building in both virtual and real-world flight training go hand-in-hand. Experienced flight instructors can help make the most of the time you spend in the sim and in the cockpit.
  2. Learning together is better than learning alone. We're a community dedicated to gaining the skills and knowledge
  3. Training is about both learning and fun. Ever landed a widebody at Courchevel? We can't do that in real life, but you can be sure that having a good time is an important part of flying.
  4. We're living in, and defining, the future. New simulation technology, real-world mapping, virtual reality, ATC simulation, and more — we see new advancements in technology every day. At the same time, we're establishing the best ways to use simulation and flight training in conjunction. We're defining what it means to use the best of both worlds.
No matter how familiar you are with simulation or flight training, join us to take the next steps in your aviation journey.